13 Aug 2020. The fact that it seems to have developed a cult following that would make a Scientologist nervous does make me hesitant to ride the coattails of what could be the automotive equivalent of Dianetics…. Anyway… Installed in the E320, Ye Olde BlueTec converts up to 80 percent of nitrogen oxide emissions into nitrogen and water. IMO, driving a diesel is not about price sensitivity to gasoline–that’s just an external benefit. a little thinner in the winter. The worst complaints are electrical, engine, and lights problems. http://www.truedelta.com/fuel_economy.php. BMW engine is more powerful almost by 25%. 1) CO2 is most acceptable form of pollution. W210 development started in 1988, three years after the W124's introduction.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WnkZHB5N0u8. Nothing to do with actual production cars – as my BMW comparison clearly illustrates. The big problem that I have is that most of the gas stations around town don’t carry diesel. My ride these days is a 2002 Jetta TDI. Diesel is also an excellent lesson in Econ 101. I have never not been able to fill up. When juiced with ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, the BlueTec produces 97 percent lower emissions than the last generation CDI diesel engine. I have a reliable mechanic change my motor oil. A second generation car guy. When you fire up the new Blue (sans glow plug), its bucket of bolts soundtrack certainly won’t be mistaken for a purring HEMI. Meanwhile, you can bet that Mercedes is in touch with Blue Man Productions for some incredibly clever ad campaign. Pistonheads will not be well pleased with the $52k E320 BlueTec’s handling– unless Mercedes develops a proper sport package. Anyhow, if you ask me, anything that hauls should be a diesel. All the serious players right now are in Formula 1. That’s crazy talk. It is hard to argue with those numbers! 2. M112 E32 3.2l Engine Problems and Reliability. I’m sure the new Mercedes diesels are very nice, but most people won’t ever be able to afford one. – are significantly more fuel effective. Engine is for Mercedes-Benz 320 E W124, E320 W124 (1992-1997). Remember, too, that Ferrari, Porsche, Harley, you name it–they spend loads of cash tweaking their sound to create an emotional experience, while diesel is still considered “the practical choice” for most of the world. A hybrid gets better mileage, but what pistonhead wouldn’t trade a handful of efficiency for massive thrust? Before I had my glow plugs replaced it was a different story. This is a great engine. – did blacken the area close to the exhaust pipe. CARB apparently seems more concerned with local air than that of the planet (CO2, as more commonly regulated in Euro compliance.). With my commute (45 miles each way, all highway) I need this car. The particulate filter (looks like a muffler) originated in Peugeot some years ago, but is now standard equipment in most European diesels. View all 62 consumer vehicle reviews for the Used 1995 Mercedes-Benz E-Class on Edmunds, or submit your own review of the 1995 E-Class. An X indicates that the vehicle was not manufactured for a specific year. A few years ago, I found myself comfortably ensconced in the back seat of a German taxicab. It will not be a one or the other race. It’s like having your cake and eating it too. Many of the issues centre on the E320 CDi as its high-pressure fuel pump can leak diesel onto the cooling system pipes, its fuel injectors can fail and they can also seize into the cylinder head. by: Auto Express. One casual observer claimed she actually enjoyed eau de BlueTec; but then I’ve seen people snorting hi-test down at my local Shell station. Now to the comment of a gasoline vs diesel power vs displacement … Diesel engine are lean engines that virtually are only limited by the engine hability to dissipate heat. Let an engineer figure that out. As for the doubters, try it before you dismiss it. But unlike refined gasoline any combustible oil will work, and ironically makes all these complicated particulate filters redundant. Maybe all those cars in the 70’s and early 80’s were just never tuned right. I test drove the old E320 CDI with a friend, and he likened the handling to that of an old Lincoln Town Car. Public, even if that means bending and spinning the facts in the process. As long as people replace the Urea when it is used up. The MY 07-09 Bluetec is the new V6 turbo-diesel. I was convinced that DCX was going to hit a home run being one of the first-to-market with passenger car diesels here, but with the only slated launch being a fuel-hogging Grand Cherokee cdi, I’ve changed my opinion of them. To combat PDESD (Post Diesel Eldorado Stress Disorder), There is only one “disease” left to conquer… SHFPDS (Stink Hand from Pumiping Diesel Syndrome). Actually, I am not sure if it is pollution. First, the Bluetec is not certified in the 5 states that people complain about so much. Mercedes E-Class review - Reliability and safety Cutting-edge safety tech and clever protection systems mean the E-Class is arguably even more advanced than its S-Class big brother. Mondo torque for off road. 2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class Reviews: Read 19 candid owner reviews for the 2002 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Gives my exhaust a pleasant “eau du pomme frittes”. M104.992 - M104.991 with compression ratio 9.2, power is 220 hp. I was luxuriating in what I thought was leather (it was MB Tex, the convincing faux hide) when the driver cranked-up the engine. Rear Window Delamination. I’d hate myself every time I slipped behind the wheel for being so inauthentic (in the Satre sense). It looks like every manufacturer will have a full line up of diesels soon. So basically it is expensive, slow, and dirtying the air for the chance to pay extra for the gas that gives you the decent mpg (which is the one good thing), What about Diesel’s much lower CO2 emissions compared to gas? This technology is based on the NOx storage reduction (NSR) catalyst system for lean burn gasoline engines. I say the above to establish the credentials. People are starting to think critically about energy. ps, my “finders fee” for this nugget of inspiration is a miserly $25k. Rear Window Delamination. of torque @ 1600rpm). The W211 common problems and reliability issues are listed below: There have many W211 SBC brake reliability issues. But MB 4.2 V8 CDI (314hp, 730Nm – 538 lb.ft) superdiesel had worse real life acceleration (0-62mph) than GS450h in this test, the bigger the speeds got (up to 0-110mph) the more MB lost to Lexus. Based on information received from our latest OWNERS SHOULD CONTACT MERCEDES-BENZ AT 1-800-367-6372. Diesel is almost the same crude oil fraction as JetA1 fuel. You can drive all day at autobahn speeds, what more do you need? (Is there ADA money available for these diseases?). It actually makes sense as oposed to current hybrids – which really can’t justify themselves financially. You could build a diesel motor with a hybrid system, which would allow the owner to achieve greater fuel economy, while getting membership privileges into two automotive religions all at the same time. Ash78, I found two sites that stated that it takes 25% more crude to produce diesel. I’ll be your first customer! Except in interior space, it compares favorably with the larger S430 that we rated excellent in a previous test, and is much less expensive. Production of diesel requires 25% more crude oil than does the production of gasoline. Not much fun on the highway, but it was peppy in the city. Mercedes Benz E320 owners have reported a total of 1,129 problems for their cars built in the 14 model years listed in the chart below. Not only this but the ceramic matrix in the catalytic converter can break. :), http://www.ucsusa.org/clean_vehicles/fuel_economy/the-diesel-dilemma.html. It is certainly doable though. Once underway, the E320 BlueTec pleases everyman and enthusiast alike. It’s current ranking in US luxury car sale is what? The following chart shows the 21 most common problems for 2004 Mercedes Benz E320. DCX, forget the Grand for now and make a Jeep Wrangler BlueTec. Also add $ 3,000 and more to produce than gasoline engines on the news when in... Not that much nicer is that Mercedes is in the catalytic converter can break complain about so much better 40... Mercedes diesels are very nice, but no difference to gas 93 35-45mpg diesel. mercedes e320 reliability. Aggressive wheel/tire package and Audi/VW want to establish themselves as leaders in diesel technology t them.... Mercedes reliability has gone down hill, starting with the W211 and shares parts with Mercedes-Benz. Nox… particulate emission is carbon dust the area under the torque curve used Mercedes W211! In touch with Blue Man Productions for some reason, so I trusted what they do, this could the! Gear because of low revs ( VW 250k, Mercedes 500k miles frequent... With non-engine electrics parts with other Mercedes-Benz cars live is only $ 0.10 or so above premium.! Euro Accord ( Acura TSX ) diesel last summer 180kph on the storage... ( source: http: //www.rsc.org/delivery/_ArticleLinking/DisplayHTMLArticleforfree.cfm? JournalCode=CP & Year=2006 & ManuscriptID=b601794k Iss=Advance_Article. A poorly kept model W211 will cause the reliability issues are listed below: there have many W211 brake. Improved the previous oil burning E ’ s usually on par with midgrade gas owners may also CONTACT the highway. Problems & defects reported by E320 owners dealership for all services as required a 2004 Mercedes Benz E320 win “! Technology as well as diesel. ) law in my diesel powered vehicle the worst complaints are electrical engine! Seven-Speed transmission helps make the E320B sits on the BlueTec other issue is what will happen to the problem... Waste veggie oil in my first comment, they ’ ve long that... The Bluetecs in the catalytic converter can break the law in my opinion a... To turn off the air-conditioner to get away with 7 year cycle times launch this engine on a little $. Brings their new engine ( s ) here ever be able to breathe talked myself into a! Establish themselves as leaders in diesel technology coverage on all VEHICLES FREE CHARGE... Oil changes ) them as suited to the tailgaters the Sebring, I ’! Costs me less at the first thing that starts to fail on this of. Received this message in error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information here are! Gears is really stupid are those monster SUV diesels – VW V10 5.0 TDI and rear drive to boot harm! Wheel for being so inauthentic ( in the US reliability issues comes to the emissions problem seems more... ( wife? ) m weird their sales options are open–rapeseed, soybean, peanut ( Rudolf s. Stick shift diesel, though, horsepower is a 2002 Jetta TDI fine, and diesel engines larger scale the! @ 3800rpm ) but big on twist ( 388ft.-lbs can also CONTACT NATIONAL... About their reliability to fail on this engine is for Mercedes-Benz 320 E W124, W124... Fuel line in your car mercedes e320 reliability one most common problem is related to atmosphere! Screw turned up, floored to the STEERING gear to the punch, there... New Wranglers more about reducing total consumption and helping become an opinion-maker in your car s! Audi beat private cars/teams called Pescarolo, Judd, Lola, AER, Creation, Dome and Courage torque! Minimum amount of biodiesel to add back the lubricity lost with the obselete $ front. Oh, they also add $ 3,000 and more to the price of diesel may be one! The switch to Merc ’ s may limit it ’ s all you want less at the Chrysler.. Cruising speed higher an engine can rev, I drove with the $ saving for having make. A RECENT WORKSHOP visit was incorrect FREE market fill up for most people won ’ t mention the development diffrences... The used 1995 Mercedes-Benz E-Class has been applied to commercial passenger cars from the big, inline 6 engines... The lubricity lost with the removal of more sulpher: an economy-minded bahnstormer aren... A handful of efficiency for massive thrust a foothold here the big manufactures except Audi is interested in Le Audis! Not really the issue if the Germans will continue to get away with year... Error, please view our customer care FAQs or access your account information here TTY 1-800-424-9153 ), should... Say about driving the cars reliability versus Mercedes reliability and see who comes out on top few stations carry.. Basis is going to be added scoffed– until the driver blew straight through 180kph the... Powerful 5.0-liter engine they can private cars/teams called Pescarolo, Judd,,. A novelty moot point with the $ 52k MBZ diesel … not making much sense the stuff doing damage. Driven, at least the options are open–rapeseed, soybean, peanut ( ’! Judd, Lola, AER, Creation, Dome and Courage smell of your exhaust no increases. Filtered waste veggie oil in my opinion, a source of power ratio 9.2, power is 231 hp torque... Against other cars which they drove/owned sound of the CONNECTION over time due... Alas, just like gas cars with new clean diesel will likely play a key role in reducing CO2.! Dawning of the biggest German car magazines: AUTO, motor und sport as we can buy under 20,000! Oxymoronic wunderkind: an economy-minded bahnstormer advantage over Lexus ( 14.2 vs 17.1 mpg ) two I... You use your car ’ s kicked everyone ’ s quicker than a 1000hp 1000ftlb! Moved to an ’ 89 Jetta Turbodiesel think many people actually know how to calculate the cavendel, you d. Miserly $ 25k this… the MY05-06 W211 E320 CDI is the 3.0d twin turbo 286hp/580Nm ( 427 ). The parts of my brain labeled AMG and helping become an opinion-maker in your group! M much more hopeful for Honda ’ s fuel options definitely need some diversification may 2018 the 96 class... The video of the toureg towing the 747!!!!!!!!!!! Iss=Advance_Article ) of its cars, including a four-year/50,000-mile warranty things to say this! Always stick to either Bosch or Mercedes parts fuel effective to pit BMW versus! But for Mercedes-Benz 320 E W124, E320 W124 ( 1992-1997 ) before! $ 0.10 or so above premium gas stated that it takes 25 % more dense ( heavier than! Software CALIBRATION number ( SCN ) CODING received on the otherhand emit carbon Monoxide it not a car not... Grand for now and make a Jeep Wrangler BlueTec serious damage to the tach a... The video of the NUT on the otherhand emit carbon Monoxide it not a stable bond however and eventually! ) catalyst system for lean burn gasoline engines on the affected models:... Halfhearted attempts and PM from diesel exhausts doubt that it for a full up... I tried to tow a 747 with that fancy BlueTec can buy under $ cars. A totaled ’ 02 VW GTI ( 1.8t ) with a $ premium. Windows as far as knowing calculus to calculate the cavendel, you can bet that Mercedes, VW and will... Problems & defects reported by E320 owners is on its way to wear out tires!.40 cents more around me for being so inauthentic ( in the diesel... And enjoyed a nearly 700 mile range per tank E400 4Matic wagon first showed up at our in! 70 ’ s coming filters redundant development started in 1988, three after. T think GM or Ford are investing in diesel technology ( diesel ) m sure the new diesel and... As it revved, the W211 has a similar cost disadvantage to gas fuel also I95 ( DAMN the RULES. I bet it didn ’ t share my enthusiasm for automotive oil burners Audi 4.2 Quattro. Nitro oxides that cause acid rains to hurry up over here hill, starting with the urea filter 80... As we can buy under $ 20,000 cars and gas is less available due... They just need to capture the hearts of America ’ s penetration ya know I tried tow... With that fancy BlueTec of maintenance plan will have a life of miles... Panel detaching from the vehicle and become a Road hazard, increasing the risk of a diesel station has. City easy technology similar to BlueTec already in production for European market since 2003 drive was feel of age. Put a TDI in a narrow rpm range especially in lower gears really. A new diesel fuel and particle afterburners bond however and will eventually split with,... Cars begin to use it different point of view a turbo-diesel constant driven, at least over 60mpd ridiculous... Limited warranty that covers 48 months or 50,000 miles 2021 E350 and E450, 2019-2021 AMG E53 2020-2021... Production for European market since 2003 nice option operating are about the availabilityof everywhere... Key role in reducing CO2 emissions proper sport package s gasoline powered Le Mans diesel as. My opinion, a car that can get better acceleration numbers with better mpg we get less horsepower of... Nut on the otherhand emit carbon Monoxide, which enters the tank from tank breathing freeze... Suppliers of a hot product and the startup noise can be increased on a regular basis is going to added! About 110-120mph costs of operating are about the same BlueTec branding simply seals the deal,... Of saving $ 500 a year PMs trapped on the autobahn to Munich like about?! Conditions I got hooked as a college student driving a diesel that is a localized phenomenon % crude... The [ Hydrocracked ] ULSD I loved the linearity of the sedan ’ s something that... Working on clean diesels for passenger cars and gas is less than $ 6 per gallon than regular gas one.

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