Production of the 180 began in 1953 and lasted until 1981. 0.3 The pristine 1977 Cessna 180K on these pages is owned by Bruce Nelson, operations officer for the FAA’s Western-Pacific Regional Office in Lawndale, California. Max gross weight | 2,950 lb And it can haul a whole lot of people, fuel and cargo. Please tell us: Best Range: 513 NM The airplane climbs so steeply at its best-rate-of-climb airspeed (81 knots) that you can’t see where you’re going. Landing gear type: Tri/Fixed Gross weight (lbs. Cessna 172 180 HP Performance Data Performance data information on the following pages are presented so that you may know what to expect from the airplane under various conditions. Remove the existing Continental O-470 230hp and step up to fuel injection with Air Plains 300HP. Upgrade your Cessna 180 with Air Plains performance. (Boing! As a utility airplane, some soundproofing was sacrificed in favor of increasing useful load. Perhaps the most difficult maneuver for new Cessna 180 pilots is a go-around from a low-power approach made with the flaps fully extended. Wingspan | 36 ft Adding only 36 pounds to the empty weight, a seaplane kit includes the hidden hardware required to convert a landplane to a seaplane and the strengthening needed for the airframe to endure seaplane operations. Over the years, Cessna built 6,193 of them. 0 Cessna introduced the heavier and more powerful 180 as a complement to the Cessna 170. Boing!) Unlike slipping a Cessna 172 with flaps extended, there is no tail buffeting associated with slipping a 180. The more powerful Cessna 185 was identical to the Cessna 180 except for a strengthened fuselage; an additional window; an enlarged dorsal fin to help keep the additional power in check; and, of course, a significant increase in performance. Oil capacity | 12 qt FFC constructions meet the Technical Standard TSO-C80. Price as tested: $125,000, Powerplant | Teledyne Continental The Cessna 180 gained recognition as the aircraft chosen by Geraldine Mock, the first woman pilot to successfully fly around the world.The flight was made in 1964 in her 1953 model, the Spirit of Columbus (N1538C), as chronicled in her book Three-Eight Charlie. The price of AvGas currently sits around $2.25 per litre and therefore the hourly fuel burn costs are $72. Cessna 180/182/185 Cargo Pod. Who are we? But such nose-heaviness can be regarded as a safety factor. The trim wheel is on the floor between the seats and reaching it requires leaning forward. (13.5 gallons/hr @ $5.40/gal), Misc: landing, parking, supplies,catering, etc, Typical Price: $56,487.00 Like everyone else I know here with a 180, he has removed the back seats and replaced them with fold-up bush seats since he normally flies alone or with just one passenger, usually his wife Marsha or his friend Hank. The Cessna 180 was the first to have its fuel vent situated behind a wing strut, a feature found on every subsequent Cessna with strut-braced wings. It became especially popular with those needing a lightweight, utilitarian airplane that could endure seaplane operations and feel at home using unimproved strips carved from the wilderness. What needs to be done? During the decade following World War II, the Cessna 170 was the world’s most popular four-place airplane. : 1500 Propeller: Const. The engine has a deep, throaty, authoritative sound, unlike any other Cessna. Already a member? Power loading | 12.2 lb/hp Are you sure you want to delete your review? A Stene Aviation STOL kit adds wing cuffs that droop the leading edges, as well as aileron seals and redesigned wing tips. The Hawk XP I flew had the same cruise speed of a Cessna 177B. Useful Load (Carrying Capacity) of a Cessna 182 Skylane. In 1964, Geraldine “Jerrie” Mock, the “flying housewife” from Columbus, Ohio, used a 1953 Cessna 180 to become the first woman to fly solo around the world. 1030 1035 1160 Baggage, lb. It is almost impossible to stall during a steep turn at maneuvering speed because of the high stick force required to induce the necessary G-load. Contact to learn more. But bush pilots were adamant that Cessna not make such changes to these utilitarian aircraft. Her airplane, N1538C, is on display at the National Air and Space Museum (see “Aviation’s Forgotten Pioneer,” April 2005 AOPA Pilot). IO-520-D ... Fuel 100 100 100 Avg. Boing! Hey everyone. The kit also ups the maximum allowable gross weight from 2,800 to 2,950 pounds. N61576 has a number of popular Cessna 180 modifications, including a Kenmore Air Harbor “up-gross” kit that strengthens the horizontal stabilizer and further increases allowable gross weight to 3,190 pounds (as long as the airplane has the larger dorsal fin). Taxiing the 180 is conventional for a taildragger with the usual caveats: sit high enough to see over the nose (or make S-turns along the taxiways) and be prepared to apply downwind rudder when the wind is abeam. - Features that would be useful to you. The 300-horsepower Skywagon became one of the few airplanes that can carry a useful load greater than its own empty weight. It just came out of a very thorough annual and is in great mechanical shape from what 2 A&P's and an IA have told me. Today’s Skylane evolved to be much improved over the original. - Send us pictures of your plane. Send questions or comments to . Short Field Takeoff Distance at 2,450 Pounds for a Cessna Model 172R Performance Data for Cessna Model 172R and Challenger 605 ... Fuel burn figures provided on top of graph are based on 1,000 lb payload performance computations. Match My Mission: Which airplane is right for me. Max level speed, sea level | 148 kt VSO (stall, in landing configuration, fwd CG) | 49 KIAS. The Cessna 180 went where tricycle-gear airplanes feared to tread. Fuel and Oil Costs. Please send us your experiences on your aircraft. ): 2550 Landing weight (lbs. If TBO is approaching now is … As airspeed gathers, maintain a slightly tail-low attitude until the airplane leaves the ground. Potential business lines include aviation data services (to consumers or manufacturers), aircraft brokerage, financing and insurance, marketing and advertising, and targeted sales of products ranging from avionics to t-shirts, and services ranging from overhauls to flight instruction. You are disciplined and relentless in chasing after big dreams. Fuel Burn at 75% power in standard conditions per hour 14.1 gallons 15.6 gallons 15.8 gallons . This unique placement “hides” the vent’s forward-facing opening so that precipitation cannot enter—the strut acts as a form of inertial separator—and simultaneously provides positive pressure to the fuel tank. Our mission is to empower the end-users, the aircraft owners and pilots. 1953 CESSNA 180 - Specifications, Performance, Operating cost, Valuation, Brokers - Toggle navigation Slipping a Cessna 180 with the flaps fully extended results in as steep a downhill ride as you’ll ever need or want. Payload w/full fuel | 816 lb Touchdown is made tailwheel first and with the control wheel as far aft as it can go. Who are you? Max takeoff weight | 2,800 lb My 180 cruised at 155 MPH, my C-177B at 142 mph, my T-41B at 137 mph, my C-170B cruised at 118 mph. It eventually came to be known as the Skywagon. Lazy feet are a liability when departing in a taildragger. Fuel capacity, std | 61 gal (56 gal usable) In addition to flying for Wings of Faith Ministries, a Christian organization based in Corona, California, the 1,100-hour private pilot also plans to use his airplane to earn an instrument rating. A retractable version of Cessna’s ever-popular Skyhawk was introduced in late 1979. 2550 2650 2810 Empty.wt, lb. O-470R Horsepower: 230 TBO hrs. Most Cessna 180s eventually wind up on floats. Advertisement Cessna 1965 182H Skylane Engine make/model: Cont. Cessna’s 1970 Skylane weighed 2950 lbs. 2 Call us at 1-800-647-6148. Air Plains Services specializes in engine upgrades for Cessna 172, 180, 182, and R182 aircraft. Empty weight (standard) | 1,648 lb Become an Ambassador and broaden the awareness of your wonderful airplane! Cessna 172S Skyhawk Specifications Engine make/model: Lycoming IO-360-L2A Horsepower rpm @takeoff: 180@SL Horsepower for takeoff: 180 TBO hrs.

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